Mushrooms 1.7.15 Snowflakes

Greetings, Mushrooms,

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. The classroom citrus trees are blooming and ready to welcome you back to the GEC. We’ll begin tomorrow in the classroom with a snowy story and some crafty hands on nature play: winding, weaving, and wondering about snowflakes.


Those who want to pack up in snow pants and winter gear and take a small hike together afterwards…. The weather report for tomorrow says
Wednesday: A slight chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 24. Wind chill values between zero and 10. Blustery, with a west wind 14 to 24 mph, with gusts as high as 38 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.”

Here is an article that children and nature network posted last year: “how cold is too cold to play outside?”

Please RSVP to let me know if you can join us, 9am-10am, sign up online, or just pop in.

If you can’t make it, I hope you’ll send me some of your favorite ways to enjoy the snow. Have you tried bring some in on a cookie sheet? How about spray bottles with food coloring to tie-dye the snow? Today I caught some snowflakes on a square of black felt – so simple and beautiful and totally worth the trip to michael’s!

Kind Regards,
Ms. D


3 thoughts on “Mushrooms 1.7.15 Snowflakes

  1. Some favorite ways to play in the snow from our mushrooms:

    “My daughter loves the snowball maker that has recently hit the supermarkets. Red, plastic scooper type thing very low cost hours of play.”

    “in true ‘worker man’ fashion, shovels snow around the cars”


  2. post mushroom report: we found plenty of fluffy, white, puffy things in the classroom to remind us of snowflakes and winter. Some were springy, scratch, bendy, and some even had a nice bounce, like a drum. We poked them in tiny holes and wrapped them around grapevine wreaths. Great for developing our fine motor skills!
    We read two books together, “Snow Happy”, and “no two alike.” Then we looked closely at our two citrus trees. Like snowflakes, they were alike, but not the same. Guess how many fruit and flowers we counted on each.
    It was super cold, but everyone brought boots and snowpants so we made it outside for a little hike down to the pond. We caught some snowflakes on our black felt, as the wind blew snow off the branches. Thanks for joining us!


  3. almost forgot, we also took out the spray bottles! one to water the moss tray and the trees, another with food color-dyed water to spray ice and snow. so neat to have colored snow to put in pots and pans outside.


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