Following the Seasons with Garden-Inspired Themes

September: Maple Seeds & Whirligigs, garden activities and harvest recipes, Dahlias
October: Mushrooms, bulbs (daffodils, paperwhites, & onions), garden mysteries: scare-chips
November: Collecting jack-o-lanterns and leaves: Composting in the backyard, forest floor, worm bin.
December: Winter walks and legends: Why does the oak lose her leaves? What are Evergreens?
January: Mini Green-house Jugs, Perennials for Pollinators, Greenwich Lettuce Challenge
February: Sub-Irrigated Pop-bottle Planters, Windowsill Gardening, and Experiments in Hydroponics
March: Permaculture, Microgreens, Spring in the Garden and Forest, Daffodils
April: Lettuce Challenge Showcase, Heirloom Varieties, Beekeeping
May: Mother’s Day Plants, Wildflowers and Pollinators, Plantable Homemade Paper
June: Sprouts Summer Enrichment, Father’s Day Paper Airplanes, Revisit Compost
July-August: Sun, Soil, Water, Air, Environmental Education and Stories in the Garden and Pinetum

This site is under Construction, thank you for your patience:

Printable pdf of our youth calendar themes

Click here for (pdf)


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