For your parents/community: LC in the newsletter

Thanks for your questions.  One PTA requested an e-newsletter blurb for parents.  How’s this?

From PTAC Green Schools:  Lettuce experiment in the Classroom

GPS PTA Council Green Schools, in partnership with The Garden Education Center of Greenwich (GEC), has developed the Lettuce Challenge program for second graders to encourage an interest in agriculture, healthy eating and the environment. Through a hands-on complement to the curriculum, students will not only explore nature in their classrooms but also discover life lessons in responsibility, nurture, and accomplishment. The Greenwich Lettuce Challenge is modeled after the successful program at Stamford Public Schools, which is supported by The Stamford Garden Club and G.I.V.E. (Green Initiative for Vegetables in Education) and is now in its fourth year.  Please send questions, comments or concerns to Julie DesChamps and Deanna Novak, GPS PTAC Green Schools Co-Chairs:  ptacgreenschools @

Your volunteer help is welcome!  For more information, please visit

or this?

From PTAC Green Schools:  We’re a part of new green growth in Greenwich!

Between February and April break, our second grade students will be nurturing lettuce plants for six weeks as part of a new enrichment program.  Want to learn more about the Greenwich Green Schools Lettuce Challenge?  We welcome volunteers and local supporters.  Please visit:

 Let us know what works for you, or comment below.  Thanks, Ms. D

Buttercrunch Lettuce Photo by ericlbs under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0


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