Welcome to the Greenwich Green Schools Lettuce Challenge

How it works:

All participating classes will be provided lettuce plugs, soil, pots, information on how to grow buttercrunch lettuce and fun activity ideas.  Students tend their plants for six weeks, and at the end of the growing period, each class chooses the most successful plants (Select Plants) to be entered into the Lettuce Challenge Contest.  Three plant entries per class.  Select Plants will be displayed in the GEC Garden where they will be judged by horticultural experts.  An Awards Ceremony will be held on April 19 at the GEC.  Finally, students will decide whether to sample their harvest in the classroom, or bring them home.

To enroll your class for the Greenwich Lettuce Challenge, please submit your registration no later than January 16, 2015!  To register, click here or go to:  http://goo.gl/forms/2NIIGiVN87

Registration is now closed, but volunteer help is welcome!  You may sign up HERE.

Watch this video from the group that helped get us started, Stamford Lettuce Challenge

Your Classroom Activities:

This edible education project dovetails with the GPS second grade science curriculum and will foster real world inquiry, healthier food choices and a greater understanding of food literacy.  Each group will decide how they will incorporate the challenge into their classroom, through science, literacy activities, art, technology and/or mathematics.  Students should be encouraged to experiment with various growing methods and can incorporate multiple disciplines.  Optional poster submissions allow your classroom to relay the story of the six week growing period.  From artwork, charts, experimental data, poetry and student journals, we welcome your unique poster submissions.  You may submit up to three poster entries per group.

Nature Play Classroom Session (optional):

The GEC can bring a 15-20 minute presentation to help your classroom create and document the Story of Your Soil, investigate and describe what is happening, and then offer four stations that combine literacy, science and art, in a guided 30-45 minute session of Nature Play.

It’s a fun, developmentally appropriate enrichment to science, indoor recess or choice time!

To arrange a GEC Nature Play Educator for your school, at $85/hour, please contact youth.director@gecgreenwich.org, or call 203-869-9242.


How’s it Growing?

You are welcome to share news and photos from your classroom here.

Please send questions, ideas or concerns to Julie DesChamps and Deanna Novak,

GPS PTAC Green Schools Co-Chairs:  ptacgreenschools@gmail.com


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