Mushrooms 1.28.15 Snow Day

Dear Mushrooms,

We so look forward to our time together in the Pinetum and classroom on Wednesday mornings.  For safety’s sake, we always follow the Greenwich Public School weather policy and are on a 90 minute delay.  That means we cannot meet up for our 9-10 am session.  However, Ms. D. will be at the GEC by 10:00 and if you should happen to come by to play in the park and take a hike around, she will be taking a hike around the pond doing a little risk assessment and seeing what changes the storm brought.

Otherwise, we’ll see you next week, and hope you all had a great snow day!  Here are two things we did in the snow that your mushrooms might enjoy, and one we want to try together.

1.  Make snow ice cream

My nine year old used the recipe HERE .  It was pretty easy, and super fun, and delicious.  We packed some away in a gelato container, and she is hoping to have snow ice cream in the summer.

requires one gallon on fresh clean snow (we used a gallon jug as a scoop)
requires one gallon on fresh clean snow (we used a gallon jug as a scoop)
spatula works great to scoop and mix
spatula works great to scoop and mix\
it packs and scoops like the real deal
it packs and scoops like the real deal
saving some for summer
saving some for summer

2.  Watch the Gruffalo

This was a recommendation by one of our Mushrooms, after looking closely at the frozen pond last week, he was reminded of the book/movie.  He gave me a very excellent movie review and recommendation.  We loved it, thanks G!

3.  Make Gruffalo tracks

Here’s something we’ll have to try!  What about cutting up some cardboard “snowshoes” and seeing if we can make some Gruffalo tracks?

Ernest Thompson Seton, whose home, and home to the original scouts, was just down the trail in the Pomerance Park, tells a story in the book Two Little Savages about making a deer track game.  Inspired by seeing a real deer track, some friends began using scraps of paper to make a trail game with a dummy deer at the end.  They switched to using scraps of colored wrapping paper as the “scent” trail, then found “There was paper everywhere in the woods now, and it looked as though the game was going to kill itself, when old Caleb came to pay them a visit.”  With eyes twinkling, he suggested, “why don’t you get a bag o’ wheat or Injun corn for scent; that’s better than paper, an’ what ye lay to-day is all clared up by the birds and Squirrels by to-morrow.”  The game was on!

The most amazing part of this story?  There is a book in the Greenwich Public Library, an interview transcribed with one of “Seton’s Boys.”  He remembers playing the game and I’ll have to look up the exact quote later, but it stayed with them.  The game left with them many new skills, the ability to sweep the woods with their eyes for clues, to think like a deer, and see the forest from another view point, but also to be good stewards of the land.  He said they knew it would be wrong to leave one scrap of paper behind, so they changed their game (with a twist, I’ll share later) and they always kept and honored that rule.

“If there was snow, it’d be easy” Seton’s boys said in Two Little Savages.  So let’s see what we can do with some cardboard tracks?  I know one Mushroom who might like them to be Gruffalo tracks, but we can make them any shapes we might like.  Perhaps a look around will show us some real tracks to inspire the game.  What kind of tracks do you think we’ll find around the pond?

Would love to hear what games everyone has been playing in the snow, and what tracks you’ve been finding – from recess time to kitchen recipes.  Send to youth.director @  thanks


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