Mushrooms | age 1-3 | starting March 4th bring your frozen baked goods to share

Looking forward to returning to new mushrooms sessions starting March 4th. In the meantime, has anyone created any new frozen “baked” goods? For open house we baked this lovely ice bundt cake with rosemary branches to play with in our Pinetum snow kitchen, behind the classroom.


We also love to have a winter egg basket full of ice Muffins, with a variety of hidden rock treasures inside.  Check them out P1040067
These evenings are perfect for ice “baking.” Simply fill fun kitchen containers with water and surprises, and set them out on the patio. If you put snow in as well, you’ll find a difference in the clarity of the ice. Give it a try, frost and ice with natural surprises or left over holiday sprinkles and ingredients from the cupboard.

Won’t it be fun to see the change in our evening ice experiments as our days and evenings get warmer? It’s right around the corner.

We hope you’ll bring your favorite homemade ice treats to our next mushrooms meet up on March 4th, for a fun “bake sale” share, 9-10am. Please pre-register at


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