Mushrooms | What’s up little sprouts? | 3.11.2015

Dear Mushrooms,

We’re looking forward to welcoming Mushrooms (age 1-3) and their caregivers tomorrow morning for a special highlight of early growth in the Pinetum and Greenhouse, and special take home edible treats for your windowsill.

What to expect:

We’ll start in the classroom at 9 am to meet and greet friends and see what’s new with our classroom trees and plants.  It’s time to harvest the windowsill kale.

Then, we’re excited to share what we learned from our friends at the recent Greenwich Community Garden workshop.  The GCG hosts an annual Microgreens workshop in the Abilis greenhouse,

Please take a look, and spread the word about what Abilis and GCG offer to our community.  Abilis even offers a home deliver service of their delicious microgreens.  It will be fun to see how your mushrooms can connect to tiny growth, and how it will open our eyes to the Spring growth beginning outside.

a mini forest farm of sweet peas
a mini forest farm of sweet peas

We’ll do a little planting demo (getting our hands dirty) and get to play with soil and seeds and take home our own mini micro gardens.  Then we’ll take a walk to the greenhouse to see what little sprouts are growing there.  It’s warm and sunny and green, and there are little shoots to taste.  We’ll send you home with a windowsill lettuce plant too.  I wonder if we take a walk outside along the path together if we’ll see any similar little sprouts popping up along the trail.

Please pre-register at, and spread the word!

And if you’re interested in microgreens, consider signing up for a Garden Education Center of Greenwich “Cooking with Microgreens” class at the GEC on Thursday, with Sal Gilbertie.  Thanks for your support!  Together we’re planting seeds for lifelong learning, healthy living, and good stewardship.

Seeing the smallest growth first hand.  sweet peas in fertile soil.
Seeing the smallest growth first hand. sweet peas, sprouting in fertile soil.

See you soon,

Ms. D


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