Lettuce Challenge | Final week reminder and Invitation

Dear Lettuce Challenge Participants, and Lettuce Curious Community Members,

It’s here!  The final week!  Please share the invitation below and attached.InviteButterCrunchAwardsApril19_final

InviteButterCrunchAwardsApril19_final (pdf with links)

Some thoughts and questions:

We cannot wait to see what this Thursday and Friday brings.  Our windowsill lettuce plants are small and some are scraggly, but they are vibrant green, and they are growing!  It’s been a fun first experiment, but a cold spring (with heaters that are very tough on our delicate plants).  Today we were musing over whether later timing would be better, or if the end of the year seems rushed.  We also considered Kale!  Wondering if a hardier plant would be a better window companion – less stress, less demands, and we can start them in the Fall?  Would love to hear your response.  Thanks again for lettuce us know if you’ll need us to pick up poster or plant entries.  Leaving them in the office for our green schools volunteers to pick up will be a big help.  Just email ptacgreenschools @ gmail.com and let us know. THANKS!

A school newsletter blurb to share:

Lettuce Challenge Buttercrunch Awards
Sunday, April 19, 2-4 pm
Garden Education Center, 130 Bible Street, Cos Cob

Join Green Schools as we commemorate the First Annual Lettuce Challenge and check out what’s been growing in the second grade classrooms!  Participating classes will be awarded with certificates to celebrate their classrooms as Green Spaces, and submitted lettuce plants, posters and photos will be on display with special awards for Green Thumbs, Green Hearts and Green Minds.  Presentation of certificates will take place in the GEC gallery at 2:30.


3 thoughts on “Lettuce Challenge | Final week reminder and Invitation

  1. PLEASE NOTE: We changed the menu, so it is easier to search through previous Lettuce Challenge Posts (and other posts) by clicking on the menu item above – not so much scrolling. Seems easier, let us know what you think.


    1. Small and strong, wonderful! We are following the same days we used for dropoff in February. Half were on Thursday, and half were on Friday. I’ll send an email reminder with some reminder details like labeling, etc.


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