The Daffodil Show

Hi Friends,

It is Spring Break so our weekly Mushrooms walk with toddlers is not scheduled tomorrow, but you may still find me out in the Pinetum Wednesday morning.  I’ll be out stalking the Daffodils we planted, and cheering on their blooms with my own family. Some of these photos were taken by my daughter today and she’ll be submitting one as part of the artistic youth category of the Connecticut Daffodil Show, sponsored by the Greenwich Daffodil Society.  See details below.  Do you plan to submit a photo or flower to the big show this month?  Will you attend the 57th Annual Connecticut Daffodil Show at Christ Church?

In any case, come out and enjoy the Daffodil Show in our green spaces.  The Pinetum is open to all. prediction for Cos Cob tomorrow, if you’re planning a walk about:  Sunny, with a high near 64. North wind 8 to 13 mph.

What to look for in the Pinetum:

Among our daffodils, by the entrance to the Montgomery Pinetum (brown sign), look for the special Barrett Browning Daffodils we planted with the Mushrooms in the fall.  These Historic Daffodils were donated by the Greenwich Daffodil Society as part of their community outreach.  According to GDS, “it is a classic daffodil from 1945, very bright and cheerful, and should multiply nicely over the years.”

“little green beaks” 3.18.2015
the slender one in the middle came up first, that's our historic daffodil to watch
the slender one in the middle came up first, that’s our historic daffodil to watch, we think.
noticing changes
noticing changes 3.25 walk


today at the Pinetum
today at the Pinetum 4.13
We had a few teachers and parent volunteers who helped plant historic daffodils with students on their school grounds in the Fall and will be contributing photos as part of the Community Historic Daffodil Plantings Display. There are so many volunteers in our green spaces, working with children to brighten up the early Spring. I cannot imagine how many have been planted over the years with Greenwich Green & Clean.  We are happy to be a small part of that effort, thank you to everyone who is a part of this learning experience.

Q.  Where and when is the Daffodil Show?


Q.  How do we enter the show?

Entries should be brought to Christ Church Greenwich 254 East Putnam Ave.

Photography Entires will be accepted Tuesday, April 21 from  1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Flower Arrangements may be entered Wednesday April 22 (fun EARTH DAY activity!) from 7:00 am-10:00 am

For more information email  Attention Photography or Floral Design in the subject line: 

To Register, receive an entry card, or for further information contact:
Looking foward to seeing the Mushrooms again on Earth Day, April 22nd for a special wildflower planting and the Daffodil “show: at the Pinetum.

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