Seventeen Syllables to Show Your Support

If you missed May Market at the GEC, you may have missed our big announcement!  Our “find a Poem in the Pinetum” Scavenger hunt walked you through our green space with a challenge to create a haiku – seventeen syllables about “Playing and Growing Outdoors.”

The big news?  This is a fun way for us to announce our upcoming year as Satellite Partners of the Fairchild Challenge.  We’ll be launching four challenges for schools during the 2015-2016 school year.

We’re asking for your support for this new program.  Your $10 donation, within the next 12 hours, comes with a fun haiku contest, and the chance to win $50 cash prizes.  It’s a way for you to show your support and say,

Fairchild Challenge at
the GEC is great news,

If you’d like to walk a virtual scavenger hunt of April Nature Play, here’s the Prezi.  YOUR PREZI MAP


Here’s how to make your $10 donation count right now
Simply go to and choose April, so we know you support the Lettuce Challenge and The Fairchild Challenge at the GEC.  If you want to enter our Haiku Contest too, you have until 8pm to make your donation, just enter your haiku in the comments.  Please spread the word!

Have fun with it!

tell us a story
which outdoor games did you play
when you were a kid?

Or to show your support, you can copy and paste:

we like Nature Play
in the garden, the greenhouse,
and the pinetum

your support is key
thanks for following along
on this adventure

The Fairchild Challenge was designed and initiated by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables (Miami), Florida. FTBG and the Montgomery Pinetum are sister gardens.

For full official haiku contest entry requirements and information CLICK HERE.  Also included are some details about our Summer Introduction to the Fairchild Challenge at the GEC. We’ll be presenting an introductory challenge over the summer with summer school students and teachers (that’s a separate big announcement – more details to come!), and launching the Fairchild Challenge at the GEC in the Fall.


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