June Fledging: Adventure and Fun

Welcome to June!

Nature play activities for June are built around the themes of adventure and fun.  To the school groups participating in Nature Play sessions, and the Mushrooms coming to our regular Wednesday morning Nature Play (June 3, 10, 17), get ready!  We have fledged from our May bird houses and fairy homes.  As the season changes, so do our themes, and we have been flying into our green spaces with a new sense of play and imagination.

Coming up in June, as we explore stories and play outside together, we’ll be:

  • Crafting mud pies in our pop-up kitchen and hosting compost tea party picnics from that vermicomposting bin we’ve been nurturing together.
  • Building and weaving human and veggie shelters with blankets and netting, to keep out the summer garden critters, and other crafty hands-on garden amendments.
  • Checking in on what’s buzzing around our pollinator plants, and creating some insect-inspired gliders and paper airplanes.
  • Planting, harvesting, weeding, and watering in the vegetable garden, and in the pumpkin patch.
  • Revisiting gear and summer risk, specifically around ticks and mosquitos.
  • Following clues and story trails inspired by our favorite books.
  • Our Sprouts & Seedlings will be on-site at the GEC, after school ends and begin their summer journals with all of these themes, for a memorable start to the summer adventure and fun in our green spaces.

At Third Sunday this month, June 21, we’ll be incorporating the best of this month’s fun play into our monthly nature play stations and adventure quest for the community.  SPECIAL NOTE!! This third Sunday is not only the first day of Summer, and Father’s Day, it’s Experience the Sound Day at Greenwich Point, so our Nature Play will be transported from the Montgomery Pinetum to Greenwich Point Park.  We’re so happy for the opportunity to take part in this special day as one of the many community partners that helps to bring the fun and educational programs to our green spaces.  See you there!


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