Dragons and Damsels

A quick look at some setup scenes from our Mushrooms Nature Play session today.

garden chores: planting seeds, checking plants carefully…

feeding our vermicomposters, pulling weeds
scooping extra water from below the garden, after a big rain (these garden towers are going to the sunmer school program soon!)


tending our worm bin and looking closely at monarch chrysalis that hatched
Damsel and Dragon Fly resouces. they hace been all over the Pond and Pinetum! we saw quite a few today, but the frogs and turtles were the stars!
A flag to our feeder, refilling for the chipmunks and birds)
remember when we painted the birdhouse, Mushrooms? who is living in there now?
right below the birdhouse, a our gkitchen for greeting and play


This was our last Mushrooms (Toddlers and Caregivers) Meetup of the Spring.  During the next two weeks we’ll be welcoming our Sprouts & Seedlings into the garden.  We’ll see you Wednesday mornings again in July, Mushrooms!

Hope to see you on Sunday for Experience the Sound!


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