Nature Play with Summer School Stewards

It’s time to build our mini Country Fair! Come visit the Garden Education Center in Greenwich. See where our school garden plants were grown from seed.

You’re Invited
to the Mini Fair!
August 16th, 2015
at the Garden Education Center of Greenwich
130 Bible Street, Cos Cob, CT
2-3 pm or

3-4 pm

Build a clothespin person, construct a mini fair, follow a scavenger hunt in the Montgomery Pinetum park,
support our programs
Please pre-register

Summer School Students, Bring Your Clothespin Stewards!

It’s time to celebrate!  Students and teachers at Cos Cob and Hamilton Avenue Summer School, and their clothespin people, have been tending to school tower gardens and compost bins together, with great care and imagination.  We’re inviting our community and new friends and their families to come take a tour of our large vegetable garden and greenhouse at the GEC and play our favorite games together.

We’ve been exploring our small edible green spaces with very small characters that act as stewards. Registered families will get the chance to build a Steward, explore the GEC garden and greenhouse, where dedicated volunteers started and nurtured our school garden plants.


$10/family supports the Garden Education Center of Greenwich and outreach programs like Summer School Enrichment.

ATTENTION! You must be less than 6 inches tall to try Country Fair Activities
Meet a popular character in the Plant Petting Zoo: This Lemon Verbana Smells like Lemon!

Thank You!

The summer school gardening enrichment program has been made possible by the generosity of GEC members, and by a grant received by the Greenwich Public School from the Greenwich Alliance for Education.
earthling-sized merry-go-round, made out of greenhouse pots
These students are enthusiastic engineers and builders in the garden. Check out this steward-sized merry-go-round, made out of greenhouse pots



One thought on “Nature Play with Summer School Stewards

  1. Deanna,

    I will be away for the next two weeks so cannot attend but I hope you get plenty of support.


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