This Thursday: Gift Workshop


We cannot wait to celebrate with friends and family this week at the GEC.  On Thursday, the classroom will be transformed into a homemade gift workshop:  orange pomander balls, fragrant mulling spice sachets, and gift wrap satchels, to give to loved ones, or decorate your home.  The Snow Princess will visit and share a story.  Upstairs, you can join our elegant and decadent tea.  A holiday tradition not to be missed!

On Wednesday, we’ll be decorating with the Mushrooms (age 1-3 with their grownups), hanging clove and orange balls and lights on our classroom citrus trees tomorrow morning, from 9-10 am.  We are already spotting some of their delicious smelling blossoms.  Will the pomanders help keep away any mealies this year?  We’ll see!  We will also plant a ring of daffodil bulbs from the Greenwich Daffodil Society outdoors – take one of these historic treasures home with you, and we will watch them grow together in the Spring.

Still enrolling for Mushrooms winter fun outdoors, and play under our citrus and new rubber trees in the classroom.  We will tend amaryllis and terrariums, compost bins, and moss tables together indoors, and toddle around in the Pinetum together as the pond turns to ice.  Will we catch any snowflakes?

Yes! We can prorate your registration fee.


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