Celebrating Winter with Snowflakes

Celebrating winter with giant snowflakes

Our originally scheduled Third Sunday Nature Play Day, 2-4 pm at the GEC, has been cancelled.  However, you can still enjoy the day outside with family.  Take a look at our play notes, invite your friends, and take a hike!

Some things to celebrate today:

  • Winter solstice means the sun will be rising and setting along the lowest path in the sky, during the annual sun cycle.  It seems almost to stand still for a few days, before raising up higher from the horizon, making these the shortest days of the year.  From here on, the days will have more sunlight, rising a bit higher and wider on the horizon each day.
  • Our suggestion today, to celebrate the first days of winter, is to take a hike up to the old Seton house.  Take some paper and crayons to do a rubbing of some of your favorite words at the the new plaque at Windygoul.  To get there from the GEC, head down the main paved trail, beginning at the brown Montgomery Pinetum Sign on 130 Bible Street.  Take a left on the first leaf covered path towards Orchard Street at the bottom of the hill.  Follow this trail until you hit a paved trail and head right, up the hill, where you will see the old foundation.  The plaque was installed this month, and it’s in a beautiful spot to picnic and play.  With a group of sprouts (age 3-8), this is a nice, easy hike, that takes about 20 minutes.  https://www.greenwichsentinel.com/2015/12/07/wyndygoul-plaque-installed-in-pomerance-park/
  • Make sure you are back on the trail to the GEC by 3:30, so you can take your time, because sunset is at 4:28.
  • Inside the classroom we are going to cover our windows in snowflakes in December, and we would love to see your amazing designs.  We welcome your snowflakes in our classroom windows if you’d like to drop them during office hours. 

If you want to try this at home, here is a simple video that demonstrates how to fold a six branched snowflake.
And a video that shows a snowflake branching:
Here are two cute little video about snowflakes.  The second one, “The Science of Snowflakes”, by It’s Okay to Be Smart, has some of my favorite quotes about snow.
“Snowflakes are symmetrical, but they’re not perfect.  They’re ordered, but they’re created in disorder, every random branch re-tells their history, that singular journey that they took to get here.  Most of all they’re fleeting and temporary. Even if sometimes they don’t look so unique on the outside, if we look withing, we can see that they’re truly unique after all.  Stay curious.”
We are looking forward to many happy winter memories outdoors, and would love to hear your favorite ways to play in the snow.
Here’s one of our favorite snowflake books in the classroom, all winter.  What are your favorite snow stories and books?
The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty by Kenneth Librecht

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