We offer four developmentally-appropriate, inquiry-based, hands-on programs to compliment your curriculum.  Arrange to have our developmentally appropriate nature-based programs come to you, or join us at the GEC for additional onsite classroom field studies.

We use stories and imagination to branch out and forage in our Green Spaces.  Join other local schools as we build pollinator gardens, plant in edible tower gardens, build terrariums, and adopt houseplants and compost bins for your classroom.

Gardening for Stewardship Workshops Pricing

 Thank You Very Mulch (composting)
Thank You Very Mulch, Compost:  practice getting your hands dirty, and meet the diverse community of organic life that supports healthy soils and plants
Plant Petting Zoo:  Greeting, adopting, and caring for useful plants in windowsills, gardens & school grounds
Microclimates:  weather, farming, climate tools, and storytelling with sprouts, wheatgrass, and terrariums
Resourceful Design
Resourceful Design:  creatively construct and experiment with plant materials, sun, soil, water, and air


Classroom Field Studies – Plan a visit to the GEC

Field Trip:  On the Pinetum Trail

Walk the footsteps of Colonel Montgomery and practice stewardship, conservation, and science with conifers, a tour of the greenhouse, take a plant baby home to care for  (age appropriate:  mapping, plant id, and horticulture)

Field Trip: On the Pomerance Trail

Walk the footsteps of Ernest Thompson Seton and practice narrative storytelling, conservation, and illustration.  (age appropriate:  mapping, plant id, and botanical illustration)

Field Trip:  Organic Matters

Examine soil in the classroom, forest trail, and garden.  Meet a town of Greenwich Soil Scientist, practice composting and hands-on application in our greenhouse and soil sample in our vegetable garden and forest floor (age appropriate:  mapping, soil and compost critter ID, and scientific studies)


Together we are growing life skills!

NEW Research, supported by a Storer Foundation grant, and completed with colleagues at Antioch University New England, as part of a national conversation about Children and Nature, demonstrate how our youth and family workshops are helping educators grow and support

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